We are a small business with big ideas!

     Our first product, yummyshots sums up all our values. We offer innovative products that not only surprise our fans but also offers a new an delicious gastronomic experience.

     Made by mexican hands and lead by two sisters: Carolina and Cristina Dorantes. In 201 we exposed our project in SHARK TANK MEXICO where Arturo Elías Ayub, director of  Telmex Foundation, became part of our team.


      Yummyshots is our first proyect of many to come. Actually, this year we will launch Yummystraws, edible straws.

30 Promesas 2020, Adiós a los desechables, hola comestibles.


Sabor a innovación,  

Foodlab, ronda de inversión 1.2 millones de pesos

Mexicanas presentan YummyShots, vasos para fiesta comestibles

Lanzan shot comestible